The Leaders of Leather Repairs in Australia

leather repairs AustraliaLeather Repairs Australia

From leather to vinyl, from furniture to car and boat seats to clothing and bags, if you have leather or vinyl that needs some tender love and care, then look for the leaders of leather repair in Australia – the Leather Doctor. As a mobile service (meaning they come to you) who can look after both domestic and commercial repairs, your leather and vinyl goods will be in safe hands. From cleaning to repair and refurbishment to re-upholstery, panel replacements and recolouring, your leather and vinyl products will be looking as good as new after a visit to a Leather Doctor. Leather Doctors around Australia can also assist with foam replacement, frame and mechanical repairs.

Whether it be that beloved coach that needs some servicing or those car or boat furnishings, no job is too big or small. Spanning to more than just domestic jobs, if any part of your commercial fixtures needs repair, we can handle them as well. Being the leaders in leather repair in Australia, we have partnerships with many large-scale retailers and are responsible for a large volume of furniture warranty repairs. We can help with reports any repairs that need to be done under commercial warranties – from reporting on the condition and assessing the damaging through to actually fixing the problem as part of the warranty.

With fully equipped vans, we’re mobile and are able to visit customers and workplaces to repair anything from café seating to massage chairs and gym equipment. If it’s leather or vinyl, then give us a call to help give new life to your domestic or commercial furnishings.

Why Use A Professional Leather Doctor for Leather Repairs in Australia?

Chances are, if you decided to invest in leather or vinyl furniture for your home or business, you would have paid a significant sum. If you need leather repair in Australia, then it’s advised to work with a professional rather than try and repair it yourself or go to somebody who does not have experience. Leather and vinyl products can be very expensive to replace, therefore having it repaired for a fraction of the cost is worth consideration. Our professional Leather Doctors have extensive experience and are able to assess and determine the best course of action and treatment for your furnitshings. Whether it’s replacing a panel or repairing a tear, they’ll have the right tools and skills for the job. They’ll also know how to make furniture look like new by using the right products and processes when cleaning, colouring or repairing your leather.

Using a professional Leather Doctor for your leather repair in Australia means that your furniture or commercial fixtures will live longer, giving you a better return on the investment that you have made. Using a professional Leather Doctor is always the right call when it comes to your leather and vinyl.

Maintaining Your Leather Products

Leather and vinyl products can last a lifetime if they are cared for correctly. They are sturdy and durable materials, as long as they are not properly cleaned or left exposed to harsh environmental factors. That being said, there are ways you can care for and maintain your leather products to keep them looking as good as new for years to come. When cleaning leather, it’s important to know what type of leather you’re working with, as different types of leather require different methods of cleaning. While it may be tempting to use homemade concoctions to clean your leather and vinyl surfaces, it is advised against. High quality specially formulated cleaners and conditioners are the best products to use when cleaning leather and vinyl. The cleaner helps to remove build-up of dirt and body oils, whilst the conditioner helps nourish the leather and maintain its top-coat seals.

It is recommended that you have your leather and vinyl cleaned at least every 6 to 12 months in order to keep it in optimum condition. If you do need leather repair in Australia, call a professional Leather Doctor to ensure that it is completed to the highest standard

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