Leather Re-Upholstery, Panel Replacements and Re-Colouring

Our Leather Doctors are experts in leather and vinyl re-upholstery, panel replacements on areas of worn or damaged furniture, and re-colouring leather furniture and accessories.

Leather and Vinyl Panel Replacements 

Panel replacement offers an excellent alternative when damage to leather or vinyl cannot be repaired and is isolated to a panel or a specific area of furniture. Leather Doctors are highly skilled in matching the colour of your furniture to new panels, allowing them to replace specific sections of your furniture, without it standing out. Panel replacements are a cost effective solution, helping you to bring a damaged part of your furniture back to new without the cost of full upholstery.

Leather Re-Colouring

Whether your furniture or finishes have faded due to sun damage, have experienced dye transfer or you simply want to change the colour to match a new interior or to suit current trends, leather re-colouring is a fantastic solution. It is also often a far cheaper alternative than buying new.

Leather Doctors are extensively trained to colour match leather, allowing them to recolour panels or specifically damaged areas or to completely transform entire furniture pieces or accessories to suit your needs.

All Leather Doctors drive fully kitted vans, enabling them to be mobile and undertake most re-colouring work on site, in one visit. If on site repairs are not possible (usually due to the size of the furniture), The Leather Doctor vehicles are equipped to pick up furniture transport it to dedicated off site facilities, and then transported back to you upon completion.

Leather Doctors are able to upholster and recolour an array of furniture, medical any gym equipment, restaurant and office seating, and boat and car interiors.

Our transformation gallery gives several examples of The Leather Doctor’s success in leather and vinyl re-upholstery and re-colouring.

For more information on leather furniture and accessory re-colouring, contact your local Leather Doctor.

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Find Your Local Leather Doctor