What You’re Buying Into

Starting up in small business can be risky, but for those motivated to establish a new business of their own, buying into a franchise network that has established brand recognition and proven processes is a savvy decision.

Statistics confirm a markedly increased rate of small business success for franchisees compared with independent business start-ups. Moreover, Franchising in Australia equates to in excess of $154 billion (or over 20%) of the nation’s GDP, representing over 70,000 workplaces and more than 495,000 employees.

The Leather Doctor has been operating as a franchise model providing leather and vinyl repair services for both commercial and domestic customers for almost 30 years. Over this time, consumer trends have been dramatically influenced by DIY and interior decoration trends, meaning there is more leather furniture than ever before in household and business environments – a winning factor that helps our Leather Doctors secure a constant stream of work.

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Award Winning Franchise System