Outdoor Timber Furniture Repairs and Restoration

The humidity and moisture we experience in the Australian climate can wreak havoc on outdoor timber furnishes such as tables, doors and seating. Intense heat, combined with storms and rainy seasons results in outdoor timber furniture and finishes having their coatings being stripped which leads to fading and cracking. The cumulation of this damage often leads to the requirement for outdoor furniture repairs and restoration.

Our national network of Timber Doctors are experts in outdoor timber furniture repairs and restoration. From the repair of small chips or dents, to sanding and refinishing, to the complete restoration of outdoor tables or seating, we’re able to deliver outdoor timber furniture repairs and restoration services to bring your timber back to life.

Why You Should Use A Timber Doctor For Your Outdoor Timber Furniture Repairs and Restoration?

At The Timber Doctor, we have years of experience with outdoor furniture repairs, restoration and maintenance, to include:

  • Outdoor furniture restoration and preservation, to include cleaning, sanding and re-staining
  • Outdoor furniture repair- repairs to outdoor timber furniture, including corner/edges reconstruction, the repair of dents, chips, scuffs and water marks.
  • Outdoor timber deck, door, pergola, fence, pillar, feature screening and staircase preservation, to include cleaning, sanding and re-staining

Tips for Refinishing Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor timber furniture can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but it requires regular upkeep to prevent the need for outdoor furniture repair and restoration.

Due to the fact that wooden outdoor furniture is often exposed to the elements, including rain, snow, ice, sunlight and extreme heat, these pieces require very specific care, maintenance and upkeep on at least a semi-regular basis.

The network of Timber Doctors across Australia are on hand to help you undertake any outdoor furniture restoration, repair or refinish requirements you have for your outdoor timber furniture and finishes.

We have over 30 years of experience in outdoor furniture restoration. Contact your local Leather Doctor Today for a free quote!

Our transformation gallery showcases our success in Outdoor Timber Furniture Repairs & Restoration