Professional Vinyl And Leather Cleaning Services

Although leather is perceived as a tough and durable furniture upholstery material, it requires regular cleaning and conditioning to keep it looking and feeling its best. That’s why our specialised leather cleaning professionals only use the best quality and proven safe techniques when undertaking leather cleaning services.

The Leather Doctor’s vinyl and leather cleaning specialists use the highest quality leather cleaning products to bring your leather back to life. Our fully trained leather specialists carefully determine your furniture’s leather type before commencing any cleaning.

The most common of leathers and vinyl are finished with a built-in clear coat that protects them against damage from spills and the accumulation of body oils. Over time, body oils, sweat, dirt, dust, food and drink stains and regular wear and tear can significantly affect the appearance of leather furniture if professional cleaning and conditioning is not undertaken. Regular cleaning of your leather and vinyl furniture and finishes helps to prevent this protective coating from breaking down and sustaining irreversible damage.

Regular leather cleaning and protection alongside correct maintenance advice from a Leather Doctor professional is critical for the longevity of your leather upholstery. We clean your leather while also renewing the finish and giving you advice and products to keep your leather looking great.

Benefits of using regular leather cleaning services by The Leather Doctor include:

  • Leather cleaning helps prevent dirt, dust and body oils from building up on the leather
  • Leather conditioning works to add moisture back into the leather, protecting it from drying out and cracking
  • Leather cleaning prolongs the colour of the leather and protects the leather from fading and cracking
  • Our leather cleaning experts use specially formulated leather cleaning products and understand how to properly clean and condition all types of leather, without damage.

Looking For Leather Cleaning Services In Your Area?

Our Leather Doctors use high quality leather cleaning and conditioning products to clean your leather or vinyl furniture and finishes.

We use professional leather cleaning products to remove the build up of dirt, gust and body oils without adversely affecting the leather. Following the deep leather cleaning, we restore moisture back into the leather and eliminate dryness with our specially formulated leather upholstery conditioner that prevents drying, cracking and ageing of the leather.

The range of leather and vinyl furnishings that can be cleaned is extensive – ranging from household furniture, hospitality and commercial furniture, to auto and marine leather finishes and leather accessories/apparel. Due to the porosity of leather and the different ways in which it is finished, leather upholstery cleaning must be undertaken by a professional who understands different types of leather and can identify damage on leather that may be exacerbated by undertaking cleaning.

Our leather cleaning specialists know how to care for every kind of leather, so you can trust them to safely and effectively clean your leather furniture, keeping it looking and feeling great for years to come.

Why Regular Professional Leather Cleaning Service Is Important?

In Australia, the climate and humidity are key contributors to the rapid build up of dirt, dust, sweat and body oils on leather furniture. It is this sweat and body oils that are the most damaging and the greatest catalyst for damage to vinyl and leather furniture if not professionally cleaned and conditioned regularly. Body oils, sweat and dirt are filled with bacteria which effectively work to break down leather’s protective coating.

The build up of body oils and sweat typically starts to initially present itself as damage to head rests, arm rests and leg rolls first, from the oils, sweat and dirt that leave our heads, arms and legs as we recline on furniture.

The best way to protect your leather and vinyl furniture or finishes from this occuring is to have it professionally cleaned regularly and not give any spills, sweat, dirt or body oils a chance to absorb and do any damage.

Whilst it may be tempting to clean your leather furniture with non specific leather cleaning products such as baby wipes, washing up liquid or spray and wipe type products, the damage they do to leather is detrimental. Non leather specific cleaning products will break down and eventually strip the seal or coating on the leather, leaving it dry and exposed to absorbing even more dirt, oils and sweat, which then leads to drying, cracking and colour loss of the leather.

Put simply, the best way to protect your leather and vinyl furniture and finishes from wearing out is to have them cleaned regularly by a trained Leather Doctor professional.

Why Should You Use A Leather Doctor For Your Vinyl Or Leather Furniture Cleaning?

  • Leather Doctors are specifically trained in vinyl and leather cleaning and conditioning. It is our core business and we use specially formulated products and processes to ensure the leather furniture cleaning services we offer are first class.
  • We use high quality, professional leather cleaning products to lift out dirt, body oils, sweat and soiling without adversely affecting the leather.
  • When the leather cleaning is complete we use a high quality leather upholstery conditioner to restore suppleness to the leather,  preventing it from cracking and splitting.
  • Our leather care specialists understand how to properly care for all kinds of leather, giving you the confidence to trust them to safely and effectively clean your leather furniture.

Book in to have your leather furniture cleaned by contacting your local Leather Doctor today.

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