Leather and Vinyl Cleaning Services

The most common of leathers and vinyls are finished with a built in clear coat that protects it against damage from spills and the accumulation of body oils. Regular cleaning of your leather and vinyl furniture and finishes helps to prevent this protective coating from breaking down and sustaining irreversible damage.

All Leather Doctors use high quality, eco friendly products to clean your leather or vinyl furniture or finishes. Once cleaned, they follow up with a conditioning process, helping to add moisture back into the leather/vinyl, helping to prevent drying out, and subsequent splitting and cracking occurring.

In the Australian climate where humidity and heat are inevitable, it is the accumulation of dust and body oils that are the most damaging and are the greatest catalyst for damage to leather and vinyl if not cleaned off regularly or left to absorb. This is because body oils and dirt are filled with bacteria which effectively work to break the protective coating down and begin to damage the materials. The best way to protect your leather and vinyl furniture or finishes from wearing out or staining is to clean it regularly and not give any spills or body oils a chance to absorb or do any damage.

The range of leather and vinyl furnishings that can be cleaned is extensive, and ranges from household, hospitality and commercial furniture, to auto and marine leather finishes and apparel (such as bags, jackets, pants and shoes). Due to the porosity of leather, some types are more susceptible to staining than others when cleaned, and it is therefore important that qualified technicians and specialised leather and vinyl cleaning products are used.

Put simply, the best way to protect your leather and vinyl furniture and finishes from wearing out is to have them cleaned regularly by a trained Leather Doctor professional.

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