New Leather Doctors – Glen and Annette Hackfath

It’s a warm welcome to our newest Leather Doctors, Glen and Annette, who will be commencing operations servicing The Leather Doctor Sutherland Shire territory in New South Wales. We spoke to them about their reasons for joining The Leather Doctor and what they hope to achieve with their new business. Here’s what they had to say

What was it that attracted you to join The Leather Doctor business?

The opportunity to take control of our future.

What did you do prior to becoming a Leather Doctor?

Glen was involved in industrial sales and marketing in recent years and started off work life as a mechanic. Annette focused on secretarial work in the early years and more recently a Licensed Conveyancer in NSW.

What territory will you manage?

We will be managing The Sutherland Shire in New South Wales.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as a Leather Doctor?

Financial security, a balanced work/family life and an opportunity to meet and help people.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

Over the last 37 years or so we have owned 27 cars, 21 boats, 3 motorcycles and a jetski.  We have a collection of over 20 vintage Australian slalem waterskis dating back to the early 60’s including a pair identical to the ones that Glen learnt to ski on in 1968.

Describe your ideal weekend?

Enjoying a caravaning weekend with family and friends anywhere where there is a nice waterway and a good café, and maybe an antique shop or two.

If you’re in need of Glen and Annette’s assistance for a Leather or Vinyl cleaningmaintenancerepairs or re-colouring across the Sutherland Shire, please contact them today:

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