Leather and Vinyl Repairs and Refurbishment

Whilst leather and vinyl may seem tough and durable, there are an array of issues that can damage your furniture or accessories and result in them looking old and undesirable. These include:

  • cat scratches,
  • rips,
  • tears,
  • cuts,
  • burns,
  • scuffs,
  • grazes,
  • broken stitching,
  • stains,
  • ink marks, and
  • cracking.

Damage such as those listed may have you feeling your leather and vinyl is no longer useable or that it can’t be repaired.


Before you cover your expensive furniture with a towel or blanket or before considering throwing out your treasured leather bags or shoes, contact a Leather Doctor to discuss repairing it. Each and every Leather Doctor undergoes intensive and ongoing training to ensure that they are specialists in leather and vinyl repairs and refurbishment.

All leather and vinyl repair and refurbishment jobs are undertaken by Leather Doctors with highly specialised repair products. Depending on the issue you’ve experienced, there are generally a few repair options, each offering different outcomes and performance results. All Leather Doctors are trained to assess damage and offer honest feedback in relation to the best repair option, and the outcomes that should be expected in order for you to choose a desirable solution.

All Leather Doctors are mobile, meaning they operate with a van kitted out with everything they need to come to you (whether it be your home or business) to conduct most leather and vinyl repair and refurbishment work. All onsite repairs are performed with the utmost care and respect to help transform your leather and vinyl back to its original state. If furniture is required to be taken off site for repair due to its size or shape, it is cared for in dedicated offsite Leather Doctor facilities.

To discuss your leather furniture repair requirements, contact your local Leather Doctor today.

Find Your Local Leather Doctor
Find Your Local Leather Doctor