Foam, Frame & Mechanical Repairs

Over time, the interior of furniture and seating can deteriorate or break, thus losing support, shape and comfort.

The Leather Doctors extensive and ongoing training ensures they are qualified in assessing the configuration of furniture and are able to remove leather coverings, without damage, to access the internal mechanics of the furniture which are in need of repair.

The Leather Doctors specialise, and are highly skilled in all aspects of internal furniture repairs including:

  • Mechanical repairs and replacements,
  • Timber frame repairs,
  • Suspension repairs,
  • Component replacements,
  • Trigger replacements in electric and manual recliners,
  • Foam boosting and replacement
  • Webbing repairs and replacement
  • Button replacement, and
  • Stitching repairs.

Whilst most internal furniture repairs and foam replacements can typically be conducted where the furniture resides (ie – in your home or office), some jobs may need to be conducted off site (depending on the size or shape of the furniture). Materials are supplied by a select few Australian manufacturers to ensure the highest quality finish and longevity in the repair work.

If you have furniture that is in need of internal repair, foam replacement or mechanical work, contact your local Leather Doctor today.

Find Your Local Leather Doctor
Find Your Local Leather Doctor