New Leather Doctor – George

George KondratIt’s a warm welcome to our newest Leather Doctor, George, who will be servicing The Leather Doctor NSW Central Coast region. We spoke to him about his reasons for joining The Leather Doctor and what he hopes to achieve with his business. Here’s what he had to say:

What was it that attracted you to join The Leather Doctor business?

The opportunity to represent a strong and well-established brand with runs on the board, in a relatively niche and specialised industry. Also, without doubt, the income potential and the chance to be the master of my own destiny.

What did you do prior to becoming a Leather Doctor?

Predominantly sales leadership roles, with my last one being the National Field Sales Manager at Dyson (…and no, I can’t get anyone a discount!).

What territory have you purchased?

I have purchased The Leather Doctor NSW Central Coast territory (the bit sandwiched between Sydney and Newcastle).

What do you hope to achieve during your time as a Leather Doctor?

Establish and develop a successful small business that’ll be both lucrative and enjoyable to run.

What process did you go through to make sure The Leather Doctor was the right franchise for you?

I think I scrutinised every Australian franchise within my price range (felt like at least twice) and then it was simply a process of elimination to get to the point where the head and the heart both agreed on who to go for. Then it was question after question, evidence-based fact finding, seeking some unbiased advice and a bit of mystery shopping!

What advice would you give to someone looking to purchase a franchise?

Understand that it’s an investment, that you’re ultimately seeking a return on, you’re not simply buying a job – so take the time to understand your investment, what it may potentially yield and what the risks are. Once it’s clear in your mind that the return is both historically proven and, in your case, very achievable, then go for it and hang on tight!

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

I’m a mad football fan (the proper round ball game) and still play, at the ripe old age of 53!

Describe your ideal weekend?

Did I mention football?! Apart from that, spending quality time with the people that mater most to me (my family of course…not my football team) 🙂

If you’re in need of George’s assistance for a Leather or Vinyl clean or maintenance/repairs, please contact him today:

Ph – 0431 944 199

Email –

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