COVID-19 UPDATE – Sanitisation services and cleaning kits available


In these unprecedented times, I would like to take a moment to reassure you that The Leather Doctor is doing, and will continue to do, everything possible to protect our customers, clients and franchisees.

Our aim is to ensure that The Leather Doctor can continue, in good health, to visit your homes and workplaces to assist with cleaning and repairs to leather, viny and fabric furniture and finishes as well as  to service clients who are in need of our sanitisation services more than ever.

Our policy, supported by WHO and Australian Government recommendations, requires any franchisees who is in any way unwell or has been exposed to a person experiencing symptoms to isolate (at a minimum for 14 days) until fully recovered. At this point in time, none of our franchisees have been affected.  Our franchisees have already made the commitment to look after each other’s clients, should they not be able to attend themselves in the future.

When undertaking work, franchisees may inquire as to your health to ensure that it is safe to come into your home or business. They will take extreme care whilst working, to include washing hands frequently, declining to shake hands and ensuring they don’t come into contact with surfaces unnecessarily.

Due to the nature of the work we undertake, avoiding personal contact and standing at least a metre and a half away from clients will be a practice we’re able to continue to uphold. Franchisees will also ensure these standards are maintained in non-work situations and will place a great emphasis on employing excellent personal hygiene.

Our customer service and head office staff are set up to work from home, ensuring we are able to continue to operate our business at a consistently high level.

The Leather Doctor policies will be continually monitored and updated as the situation requires.

We encourage you to continue to call on and support your local Leather Doctor to ensure that you and your family are comfortable during the coming weeks.

Doug Blackley, General Manager , The Leather Doctor


Are you struggling to purchase products to clean and sanitise your leather, vinyl and fabric surfaces?

Leather and Fabric Doctors are now providing Disinfecting Services via the application of a high strength, anti-microbial formula that eliminates germs and bacteria from leather, vinyl and fabric surfaces. The cleaning and disinfecting services can be carried out without any close interaction from customers, ensuring distancing standards are in place.

The products we have available will sanitise leather, vinyl and fabric surfaces to include furniture, car and boat interiors, offices, gym/medical equipment and restaurant/cafe seating.

If you’re looking for assistance to sanitise your commerical or domestic leather, vinyl or fabric finishes, please contact us for a free quote.

We also have the leather/vinyl disinfectant kits avaiable if you would like to purchase the products and undertake self application.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping to you manage hygenic businesses and households.

Contact us for a free quote, to purchase a kit or to make a booking


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