The Importance of Using Quality Leather Cleaning Products

Using quality leather cleaning products is important to keeping your leather looking better, for longer. The appeal of leather furniture is not only it’s exquisite look and feel, but also it’s longevity and ability to look and feel great for many years.  Leather cleaning is therefore an integral aspect of maintaining your leather and using the correct cleaning and conditioning products is critical. Using the wrong cleaning products can , over time, destroy your leather. Leather is a natural product, so cleaning it with products that are fit for purpose and are able to both clean and condition is essential.

Just like human skin, leather must be conditioned after cleaning in order to prevent it splitting and cracking. If you are not using fit for purpose or are using cheap leather cleaning products, consider contacting us for a professional cleaning service. We offer affordable and a cost-effective solutions that will spruce up your leather and extend its lifespan. 

Colour Loss In Leather

Leather is susceptible to fading over time, not only due to the age of the furniture, but also as a result of exposure to sunlight or to frequent use. The good news is that The Leather Doctor are able to assist with the recolouring of leather. Tint creams act as a shoe polish type restoration, helping to add colour to faded leather. It can also help to fill in cracks or blemishes. The Leather Doctor can also assist with full leather recolouring. This is a far more extensive process and involves colour matching, prepping, colouring and sealing the leather. Whilst it can be an expensive and lengthy process, it will help your leather back to it’s original glory.

The process of properly restoring colour into leather is highly specialised. If not done properly the colour will peel, leaving the furniture in a worse state than it started. We recommend speaking with a professional to understand the work involved when looking to recolour leather. 

How Best To Clean Leather

Poor-quality leather and vinyl cleaning products can leave residue behind. They can also destroy leather by reducing the natural oils and seals.  Using fit for purpose leather cleaning products and brushes will help maintain the quality of your leather and prevent unnecessary damage from occuring. Regular cleaning of leather and vinyl furniture will also assist in preventing mould and mildew from forming. Mildew can grow on wet surfaces in humid conditions where organic material such as dirt is present. A good quality leather cleaning product can asist in reducing mould and mildew growth. We recommend having yourt leather and vinyl cleaned professionally by a Leather Doctor at least every 6 to 12 months. This will not only assist with mildew and mould prevention, but will ensure that boily oils and sweat don’t build up and break down the top coat. 

Avoid Hazards

When engaging in leather cleaning, choosing the right cleaning product is important as mentioned to not only maintain the seals and moisture in the leather, but also to protect your skin. When choosing cleaning products, ensure you choose formulas that are non toxic and non hazardous. There are products on the market that require you to wear a mask and gloves during application. Toxic chemicals are hazardous to humans and to the pets who live with you. The Leather Cleaning products used by the leather doctor are fit for purpose, non hazardous products. If you are concerned about applying cleaning products yourself, have a professional Leather Doctor regularly clean your leather to keep it looking better, for longer. 

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