Using a Professional To Clean Your Leather

Why You Should Use a Professional for Leather Cleaning

When we purchase leather and vinyl furniture, it’s often for it’s look. So of course, we want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. This is why regular cleaning is so important. Even though it can be a delicate process, there are ways to ensure that you can get the best out of your leather and vinyl for many years to come. Enlisting a professional that specialises in leather cleaning will take all of the guess work and the risk of staining and damage of your furniture.

What protects leather and vinyl is a built-in clear top coat. This top coat ensures longevity and protects the leather from spills, body oil, dirt and sweat.  Yet living in the climate we do, this protection is not always enough. The heat and humidity, combined with a build up of dust and body oils, can damage leather and vinyl. The bacteria that comes from sweat and body oils can lead to the erosion of the protective coating. Once this is damaged, it is near impossible to repair it. It is for this reason that when it comes to leather cleaning, leaving it up to the Leather Doctor is the safest option. We only use the highest quality products to clean and add moisture back into your leather goods.

Wear Your Leather Goods Again

The Leather Doctor cleans an range of leather and vinyl goods, from furniture to apparel. When you invest in quality leather goods, you want to wear and enjoy them as much as possible. Whether it’s that staple leather jacket that compliments any look, the reliable leather belt that is as functional as it is sophisticated or those favourite shoes or that handbag that you want to take everywhere – our leather clothing and accessories are definitely worth the investment. You want them to always to look their best though, which is why ensuring that you’re taking the steps to properly clean your leather accessories is important. Leather that is constantly in contact with body oils and substances will break down, loosing its lustre and exposing it to possible damage.

Working with a professional Leather Doctor for your accessory leather cleaning is the best way to go. Leather Doctors are not only experts in cleaning or repairing the leather couch or the seats of your car. You can also contact them to clean your leather and vinyl accessories too. Their extensive range of quality cleaning products will not just breathe new life into your goods but will also help protect them. After thorough leather cleaning, our Leather Doctors will also add moisture into your jacket, bag, belt and/or other leather goods with a conditioning cream. Quality leather cleaning is worth the investment, helping your leather accessories to last for years to come.

Australia Wide Service

Quality leather and vinyl products are an investment. Whether it is that bench in your gym, your car seats, that luxury leather sofa or even that stylish jacket, leather and vinyl goods are normally come at quite an expense. Hence you don’t want to trust just anybody or any product with your vinyl or leather. If the wrong product is used or the wrong technique, it can lead to drying out, scratching or a range of other issues. So, calling out one of our Leather Doctors for your vinyl or leather cleaning is the recommended course of action.

The best thing about Leather Doctors is not just our expert training, our incredible range of products or quality skill level. It is also the fact that there are Leather Doctors all around Australia. We have over 70 franchisees servicing over 8000 suburbs across Australia. The icing on the cake is that they come out to you. Stationed around the country, you will easily be able to find a Leather Doctor to service your leather and vinyl upholstery. Cleaning, repairs and other services, our Leather Doctors have you covered Australia wide.

For a free quote on your leather or vinyl cleaning or repair, click here.

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