Leather and Vinyl Accessories, Medical and Gym Equipment Cleaning and Repair

In addition to being experts in the repair, clean or refurbishment of leather furniture, Leather Doctors are also able to transfer these skills to the repair and maintenance of:

  • Accessories to include bags, shoes, watch straps, belts, jackets, golf bags, briefcases and motor cycle accessories
  • Medical equipment such as physiotherapy and massage beds and dentist chairs
  • Gym and pilates equipment

Leather accessories, particularly those that are well used, can experience damage such as ageing, scuffing and deterioration. Rather than throw out these often costly accessories, many customers have chosen to work with a Leather Doctor to breathe life back into their treasured pieces.

Re-colouring leather bags and shoes is an exceptionally popular service, as it gives customers the chance to update their accessories to more on trend colours or to better suit their lifestyle.

Repairing or re-upholstering medical and gym equipment is also important. Not only to ensure the item looks good and is comfortable for a customers use, but also to ensure optimal hygiene standards are being offered.

Our transformation gallery gives several examples of the rejuvenation the Leather Doctors can achieve with accessories, medical equipment and gym equipment.

For more details on accessory repair, contact your local Leather Doctor.

Find Your Local Leather Doctor
Find Your Local Leather Doctor