Specialty Surface Repairs

Finding that your expensive indoor cabinetry, bench tops, specialty flooring, wall finishes or tiles have been damaged can be frustrating, and many people often resort to either leaving the damage because they feel it can’t be repaired, or resort to having it completely replaced. There is another alternative though!

At the Timber Doctor, we can help repair damage to your specialty indoor surfaces, saving you both money and the headache of a complete renovation.

Areas of expertise in specialty surface repairs and restoration include:

  • Repairs to surface damage such as nicks, gouges, dents and chips on granite, marble, stone, tile, melamine and ceramic surfaces
  • Repairs to ceramic and porcelain tiles, vases and specialty furniture
  • Veneer, engineered wood and high gloss finish repairs to kitchen and bathroom benches, flooring and stairs, hand rails and musical instruments such as on pianos
  • Repairs to damage and defects on laminate and veneer bench tops, cupboards, surfaces and flooring
  • Touch up painting to camouflage or correct scuffs, scrapes, and marks
  • Caravan wall crack and paint damage repairs
  • Flat pack assembly

We work across both domestic and commercial sectors, meaning we’re able to incorporate our skills into renovations, repairs in strata, managed or holiday properties, assistance to timber furniture retailer or suppliers as well as private work in your home or office.

To discuss your requirements or receive a quote, contact your local Timber Doctor.