Fabric Deodoriser Spray



Use this 250mL pump spray fabric deodoriser care product to help reduce odours that may develop with exposure to food, pets and normal daily use. This product can be used on fabric furniture such as lounge suites, ottomans, dining chairs and also on bedroom suites as well as fabric seats in cars/vehicles. It will not affect the look, feel or condition of fabric, and is designed to leave no surface residue.


• Professional strength products that are suitable for all types of fabric furniture

• Specifically formulated for the harsh Australian climate with special additives designed to repel moisture

• Maintains the look and feel of fabric with easy to use pump spray bottle

• Includes enough product for repeat applications

• Natural biodegradable products used by our own fabric repair technicians

• PH Neutral, Eco friendly and water based, meaning it’s non harmful to skin or the product it’s used on

• Quality assured manufacturing process

• Has antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities to effectively remove bacteria from fabric.

• Made in Australia by Australian owned and operated company