Warranty Repairs

Scuffs on a leather lounge during delivery can be quickly fixed

We understand that no matter how careful you are with your product, sometimes things go wrong.  It could be a scuff to a leather lounge on delivery to the customer's home, or some faults show up after the manufacturer has delivered a shipment to you.  Whatever the problem, we can take care of it.  Think of us as an extention of your brand.  When it comes to furniture, we can take care of just about anything that can go wrong, from the leather surface being damaged, or internal frame repairs, to sagging seats and even mechanisms and recliner triggers.  Contact our head office to see how we can take care of all this for your business around the country.

Torn dust covers can be replaced onsite
Recliner trigger both electric and manual can be quickly repaired
Loose feet or even needing an extra leg
Recliner mechanisms can be repaired or replaced
Soft seating needing new webbing or foam
Heat treatments to wrinkles and loose leather
ZigZag springs can be repaired onsite
Clips and fittings can be repaired onsite