leather in and around your home

need it to live longer?... it's what we do.

From your leather lounge, to dining chairs, car and boat interiors, and even that special hand bag or jacket.  With a little expert care, they can look and feel like the day they arrived home.

Before and after Leather Doctor repair

If you've had one of those 'Oh No!' moments where your leather is damaged, relax.  Our amazing repair process makes the smallest scuff to large rips almost invisible.  We can also restore leather that is cracked or worn through.  Things like the head rest and arm rests on your favourite leather chair, or the entry bolster on your car seat are no problem.  We will provide you with a free quote before proceeding with any work, and what can't be repaired, we can replace with new leather and colour to match the exsisting finish.  So don't throw it away, give us a call, you'll be pleasantly surprized.

  • Our leather doctor techs come to you
  • Repairs to your lounge are done in your home
  • Some items, like your boat can't be moved, so we come to you for repairs
  • Some items, like your boat can't be moved, so we come to you for repairs
  • We use all our own high quality Leather doctor product on all our repairs and cleans
  • Scuffs and scratches can be repaired to bring your leather, of vinyl back to new!
  • Scuffs and scratches can be repaired to bring your leather, of vinyl back to new!
Professional leather lounge cleaning from The Leather Doctor

Most people don’t give a second thought to having their carpets regularly cleaned, but when comes to their leather lounges they don’t seem to share the same concern, despite the fact that a leather lounge can cost as much as the carpet – even more. Did you know that if you don’t regularly clean and condition your leather lounge it can rot? Basically the special topcoat sealers on your lounge’s surface will simply deteriorate and breakdown, allowing the leather to be exposed to harmful body sweats, acids and oils. It can also trap disease and germs, including dangerous mould and severely reduce the life expectancy of your leather lounge.  

Give us a call today and book a professional clean at a great price.  We come to you and you'll be amazed at the results.

  • A professional clean will help make your lounge last longer.
  • Leather sofa cleaning amazing results
  • Leather cleaning car seats
  • Professional leather lounge cleaning
  • Leather lounge needing a professional clean
  • Leather lounge cleaned with amazing results
  • Leather care, cleaning and conditioning
Recolour your lounge for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Ever seen a red cow?  Of course not, but many people don't realize that all leather is coloured.  Many people also don't realise that their leather lounge, car seat or any leather item can be recoloured.  Why would you recolour your leather?  Well, if it's faded, stained, the colour is dated or you simply need a change, a Leather Doctor recolour is almost like having new leather.  For a fraction of the cost we can give you amazing and permanent results, guaranteed. And the colourful possibilities?  Well… your imagination is the only limitation.  When cared for properly our recolouring process will actually extend the life of your leather for years and all our recolouring work comes with a full 12-month warranty. 

  • Turn old and drab into modern and bright.
  • The owner of this old lounge though it was time for the tip. We transformed it into the pride of her lounge room.
  • Leather lounge before recolouring to red
  • The end results added years of life
  • Stains that won't shift on leather jackets
  • Leather chair recoloured to black
  • Leather car seats restored to new
  • Leather lounge recoloured to brown
  • Leather lounge recoloured to red
  • Austin Powers inspired custom recolour
  • Even your favourite sporting colours and logos can be part of your leather
  • Antique leather finishes are no problem